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First steps

The use of mProfi.io platform requires creating an account. Registration is free; moreover, we will give you some funds to use at the beginning. If you want to upload more content, just top up your account. The deposited funds will never expire.

mProfi services are available as “tiles”, which are displayed on the dashboard main page. If you do not see some of the services described on our site, please contact us, we will enable them in your account.
We suggest that you start by creating GROUPS. This will be a set of people you can contact later using the service, when e.g. carrying out SENDING to this group. You can also have one of mProfi services collect phone numbers in your chosen GROUP. In this manner, you can segment your contact database.

Now, take look at individual modules available in mProfi. Try e.g. using the SENDING module. To begin with, to check how sending works, you can enter your phone number in the Recipient field, and send a message. Within seconds, it should be delivered to your mobile phone. It’s easy, just like that.

When you want to carry out an actual sending to your recipients, you can enter the Group Name that you defined earlier in the Recipients field, or select it by clicking on the “Select Group” button. You can also schedule your sending for later, by entering a later date in the “Sending date and time” field.

Once you are already familiar with the basic message-sending functions, take a look at more advanced mProfi services, such as VOTING, SURVEYS or MOBILE COURSES.
If you do not see some modules, please contact us. We will enable them for you!

If you are missing a particular feature, or have an idea for an interesting service – also feel free to tell us about it. We will be happy to implement them for you.

Logging in and payments

Particulars of your account, as well as those of other users can be found in the Settings/Users menu. General account information is available in the “Profile/Your account” tab.

Make sure that you log in using the data specified during the registration: user name and password. If you have forgotten your password, you can change it using the Remind Password option. If you still can’t log in, just contact our Customer Service Centre, at support@mprofi.io.
Phone No.: +48 22 852 13 80.
Looking forward to hearing from you.

The Remind Password option will help you get it back.

Opening an account is free of charge. Moreover, we give you some funds for a start, so that you can try out mProfi.io functionalities. Message sending fees according to your Price List can be found in mProfi dashboard menu.

The mProfi account operates in the prepaid model, which means that it must be topped up with a sufficient amount to provide the service.

If you are a customer who, due to the assumed volume of processed messages or for other reasons, needs to settle accounts after the settlement period (i.e. in the postpaid model), please contact us. We will send you an agreement with individually tailored terms and parameters. Especially for you.

The initial account balance is PLN 5, which allows you to test our services. Both these funds, as well as any others that you have accumulated in your account will never expire.

If your account does not have enough funds, sending of message packages will not work. In this case, you need to top up your account in the “Top Up” tab of the main menu.
Within one account, one can create any number of users at specific levels of access (roles). As the primary user (the so-called Administrator), you can assign various authorisations to other users .

There is no need to delete the account, its ownership is completely free. If you are not satisfied with our service, please let us know. We look forward to your contacting us at the Customer Service Centre.

mProfi.io account can be topped up at any time. Go to Menu/Price List/Top Up. Select the top-up amount from the available options, and the system will guide you further through the process. Payment is supported by PayU, a company carrying out secure and instant electronic transfers. The funds will be available immediately after the transaction is confirmed by mProfi.io.

Certainly. When topping up, select the option “Issue an invoice”. If you have not done so, please contact the Customer Service Centre. After accepting the order, we will send the applicable financial document.


Yes, all data is carefully protected. We have implemented security and service continuity procedures that are subject to continuous supervision. We use the services of well-known collocation centres. Databases are submitted to the General Inspector for the Protection of Personal Data. MATERNA Communications, the owner of mProfi.pl platform, is a registered Telecommunications Entrepreneur protected by the Office of Electronic Communications under number 9934.

Account settings and recipient groups

The prefix precedes each message, which is a substitute of the sender. You can change it in the Profile/My Account menu. Note: The prefix reduces the number of available characters in text messages, but thanks to it, recipients know who is communicating with them.
The displayed name appears at the top of the panel menu, and is a substitute of the company name. It is possible to change it in menu Profile/Your account
Account code is a code used in your registration via a text message. It can be changed only through contact with mProfi.io Customer Service Center.

A prefix is a text identifier that must be used AT THE BEGINNING of the message being sent. This is a piece of text in a text message, which the system recognizes, and appropriately qualifies the submitted content. For example, a registration text message for a mProfi account must have the following content: YES.. So, if your account has an “orange” account code, this text message content should by YES.orange

Each account in mProfi has a number to which messages with a specified prefix are sent. Go to DATABASE CREATION. “Your Registration Number” section displays the number assigned to your account.

IMPORTANT! Remember that this is a so-called shared number, so a prefix needs to be written in the message body, so that the system knows that the message is intended for you, and to which service it should be assigned.

Yes! Message prefixes can become burdensome in some cases, when a fast user response is required (e.g. voting). They also reduce the number of characters available in text messages.

To avoid this, you can book a number that you will then assign only to that particular service. Thus, all text messages that will come during your reservation, will be transferred to this particular service!

To book a number, go to Settings/Number Booking, and click “New Booking”, then select the number to book, the module that will be using it, and the booking period.

Each Group can be deleted at any time. First, delete the saved persons from the group (they are called subscribers). When the group is empty, a red Delete icon is displayed. All these functions are available in the Settings/Groups menu.

Yes, at any time via the edit function in the Settings/Customer Groups/Subscribers menu.

In menu: Settings/Groups click the [Subscribers] button to view the members of the group with the option to edit them, and add new ones [New Subscriber]. You can add them individually, or import them from a file. Subscribers can add themselves to external groups, using automatic registration forms.

Any phone number can subscribe to an EXTERNAL GROUP, e.g. through the registration form, or a text message. The advantage is that it creates a database of contacts of new, unknown people, e.g. potential customers, applicants, etc.
INTERNAL GROUPS are designed for your contacts, and cannot be saved to them externally. However, you can carry out sendings for them, just like with external groups. At any time, any group can be made available from internal to external and vice versa. To do this, use the Settings/Groups menu.

Assignment of authorisations to users of your mProfi account takes place through Roles. Go to Settings/Roles, and define a new role by entering its name (e.g. Editor, Marketing, Moderation, Support, etc.), and select the recipient groups you want a specific role to access.

To select the modules you want a specific Role to access, go to the Role Editor.

Go to Settings/Users, and create a new user by filling in the “New User” form. At the end of the form, you can select a previously defined Role.

Go to Settings/Number Booking, and then select the appropriate number, the module in which it should be available, and the range of booking time.

Go to “Sending”, enter the phone number or Group name in the “Recipients” field; you can also select a group by clicking “Select Group” button. Then enter the message text, fill in remaining information, and click “Send”.

Yes. You can order an alphanumeric name. Just contact us: Customer Service Center mProfi.io support@mprofi.io, phone No. +48228521380. We look forward to your contact!

Sending channels and service configuration

Channels are ways to send messages. The channel can be a mobile phone number (such as Profi), or a set of numbers (EKO) picked up randomly during sending; it can also be overwritten content, that is, names defined in the account, replacing the phone number. Examples of overwritten content: SMS GAME, SMS Info, etc.
This happens if EKO option has been selected as the Sending Channel. This is a cheaper way to distribute messages, however, it uses a random number from which the text message is sent. Select PRO option to have the same number for all messages sent. An even better option is the so-called overwritten content, where the usual phone number is overwritten by a name that you select, e.g. your company name. Thus, the recipient will immediately know who contacted with him/her, even before the message is opened. Contact us to obtain overwritten content.
Select one of your overwritten items defined on your account as the sending channel (e.g. SMS-Info). In this case, overwritten content will be displayed instead of the message sender number. If you do not have any overwritten content defined in your account, or you need another name, please contact us. Keep in mind that recipients won’t be able to reply to your message when you use overwritten content, because the sender number isn’t displayed.

Sending from a file

Use SENDING FROM FILE function. Click on “Import File”, and select the CSV file on your computer that stores the numbers you want to send messages to, and (optionally) the message text for those numbers. Enter the content and sending channel, then click “Import”.

After the import, a new item will appear in the Sending from File table. Click the “Send” button to carry out sending.

The SENDING FROM FILE module allows you to send messages with personalized content to each number. In this way you can distribute e.g. debt collection information about unpaid invoices, insurance expiration dates, amounts to be paid, meter readings etc. Each recipient will receive a different piece of information within the same sending session – about/her his arrears to pay, meter reading, etc. How do I do it?

It’s simple: For each recipient number, your CSV file must contain the information you want to send in a separate column. The order in the columns should be as follows: Phone number (column 0) | column 1 | column 2 | column 3|, etc.

Enter text in the message body when Sending From a File. If you want to use content from a CSV file table, write in the message text: %n column number. E.g. If your file contains a date in column 1, and in column 2 a debt amount, then the message text should look like: “Hello. Your debt as of day %1 is %2. Please settle the outstanding balance.”

In Sending, set the applicable values in “Sending date and time” field. By this time your sending session will be waiting as scheduled. It will be carried out at the specified time. Until that time, you will always be able to delete or change it.

Creating a base

By making mProfi registration form available on your websites, you can invite users to subscribe to your services in mProfi. Thus, you will then provide them with the information they are interested in, messages, notifications, warnings, etc.

The Registration Form is available in DATABASE CREATION in the “Website Registration Form” field. Click on the link and see what your form assigned to your account looks like now. In “Select topic groups” you will see groups that you defined in your mProfi account. The user, when selecting a group during filling in and submitting the form, will be saved in it. Thus, you will collect a set of contacts interested in a particular topic, and you will be able to contact them later.

Incoming messages

Depending on where (to what service in your account) the text message is supposed to go, when sent to the number assigned to your account, it must be preceded by the corresponding prefix.

For example, messages to be received in your Inbox must be preceded by the “account code” prefix. If your account code is ‘orange’, then the message should read: “orange.outgoing message text”, and sent to the number assigned to your account.

If you want your recipient to register to groups interested in sports messages, he/she must enter the following prefix: YES.account code.group prefix, e.g. YES.orange.sport

Every service in mProfi has its own prefix, and you will be informed about the prefix structure each time you use a specific service.

Yes. Go to your Inbox, where you’ll find messages incoming onto your account. Click the “Reply by text” icon.
Use the Inbox/Rules tab. Go to “New Rule”, and in the “Rule” field, enter the word, its fragment, or phrase to which the new rule should respond. Then, in the “Action” field, select what action the rule should carry out. In this case, select “Forward via text” or “Forward by e-mail”, entering your phone number or e-mail address. Confirm the creation of the Rule. From now on, any message that contains a piece of text that you entered in the “Rule” field will be redirected to the phone number/e-mail you specified.
Use the Inbox/Rules tab. Go to “New Rule”, and in the “Rule” field, enter the word, its fragment, or phrase to which the new rule should respond. Then, in the “Action” field, select what action the rule should carry out. In this case, select “Reply via text”, and enter the auto-reply text, and the number from which it should be sent. Confirm the creation of the Rule .

The “Send to Screen” icon is displayed for each message received in the Inbox. When you click on it, the message is sent to the queue for modration, in the “Show on the screen” section. Enter this tab, and confirm the message, so that is cane be displayed on the screen. Remember to switch the screen to “Active” mode. On the left bar, the screen settings can be found.

Messages can also be sent to the screen automatically. In this case, all it takes is to establish a corresponding rule. Go to the “Rules” tab and enter the text that will trigger the rule, and select “Send to Screen” in the “Action” field. If you want all messages to be sent to the screen, type “*” in the “Rule” field.

After you receive a message, in your Inbox, click the “Send to screen” icon, and then go to screen management in the “Show on screen” tab. Set the available options in the Screen Settings on the left. You can set the header text, insert your logo, set message looping, their scrolling speed, etc. After selecting the settings, activate the screen with “Active” switch. In the Moderation queue, select the messages you want to display on the screen. Received messages are highlighted in green. Open “Screen preview” and make sure all settings are correct, and whether messages are displayed.
Go to the “Show on screen” tab. In the bottom left part of the page, you will find “Screen Layout” field. Set the content header, upload your logo, enter the footnote, and select a graphic template. You can view the changes by clicking the “Screen preview” button. The footnote is also used to display the phone number to which you want to send messages to get them on the screen. Enter the phone number associated with your mProfi account, and the content scheme (prefix) required to accept the messages that should be displayed.


Check the voting date range in the “Start” and “End” fields to see if it includes today; then check if voting is enabled (the “Enable/Disable” icon). In the status position, the icon should be green, indicating that voting is active. Every service in mProfi has its own prefix, and you will be informed about the prefix structure each time you use a specific service.
Click the “Visualization of question results” icon; the voting window will open.

Reports and sending history

Each user has access to the reports from carried out sending sessions through menu: “History”. Only sessions carried out within the role/department to which the user is assigned are displayed. Most users use a configuration assigned to a single role/department, and can preview the history of all sending sessions. If you are the main user of the account, the so-called Administrator, you will have access to all reports.

Error – the message has not reached the recipient. The reason may be, for example, an error or a failure of the operator’s network, an incorrect number, etc.

Processing – the message is being processed, wait for the next status.

Sent – the Message was sent, still no confirmation whether it was received

Received – received by the addressee

Expired – the message has expired, and has not been delivered to the recipient

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